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浙江乐梦科技有限公司为中国市下控股有限公司部属分公司,依附总公司40年来在业内竖立的优越荣誉和气力,从2014年最先自立研发多功能婴幼儿餐椅。公司将专业技能和创意伶俐融入到产物开辟制造历程中,不管从手艺的立异研发,到温馨耐用的平安材质的挑选,我们始终对峙传统松散的制造工艺。乐梦旗下涵盖各条理多款匠心设想儿童餐椅系列,我们始终对峙平安,雅观,耐用的精工尺度,使得愈来愈多的家庭最先信任我们的产物。我们对每个零件的挑选皆严格遵守国际平安范例,产物相符欧盟EN14988和美国ASTM F404检测尺度,挑选乐梦,更是对品格平安的有力保障。

Zhejiang Lamon Technology Inc. is the subsidiary of SeeSa, with the long period of 40 years SeeSa established a good reputation and strength in the industry area. From the year of 2014 Lamon started to research and develop the multifunctional high chair independently. Lamon integrates the professional skills and creative wisdom into the product development and manufacturing process. Not only in the term of the technology innovation, but also in the choice of a safe comfortable and durable material, we always adhere to the traditional strict manufacturing technics. Lamon covers all levels of a variety of artistic designed children's high chair series. We always keep to the safe, beautiful, durable precision standard, more and more families begin to trust our products. We have a strict compliance with international safety standards for the selection of each part of the high chair. All our products accord with the European EN14988 and American ASTM F404 safety test. the choice of Lamon, is a powerful guarantee of quality and safety.
       Free your hands, and give your baby a happy selfcatering childhood, Lamon with the creativity and wisdom to brighten your colorful happy life, and bring you a different surprise.-0638.com